Civil Litigation

Litigation is a challenge that many successful businesses and individuals face. Developing a relationship with a skilled litigation firm—one that has witnessed and litigated the results of what can happen when there is inadequate risk management and planning—can be a valuable resource.

Victor Rane’s litigation experience includes a wide range of complex disputes in federal and state courts, arbitration, mediation, administrative proceedings, appeals, and pre-litigation negotiations. Combined, we have many decades of experience handling a wide variety of legal issues that businesses across multiple sectors and high-net-worth individuals face, including:

    • complex tort and product liability
    • contract disputes
    • insurance
    • consumer protection
    • premises liability
    • discrimination
    • defamation
    • civil rights
    • employment
    • wage and hour compliance and litigation
    • personal injury/wrongful death
    • business and commercial disputes
    • assault and battery
    • sexual assault/battery 

We are efficient and effective, and never lose sight of our client’s objectives or practical business judgment. When necessary, we have the trial experience to go the distance, and our results speak for themselves.

Our diverse backgrounds, creativity and flexibility allow us to successfully meet our clients’ objectives. Our litigation experience enables us to counsel our clients on ways to effectively manage, minimize or even avoid risks, avoid litigation, or avoid the need for criminal defense expertise as a result of being targeted by a government investigation.