Trials / Arbitrations

Our attorneys have substantial trial experience in state and federal courts across the US. For this reason we highlight trials and arbitrations as one of the services we provide.

Victor Rane’s experience and willingness to go to trial gives our clients three distinct advantages:

  • Having seen the process through many times, we can reverse-engineer the best strategy for our client’s case from the beginning, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.
  • Our opponent’s awareness of our ability and willingness to go to trial allows us to negotiate from a position of strength throughout the litigation.
  • If a matter goes to trial (or arbitration), we have the know-how and experience to aggressively and effectively advocate for our clients to obtain the most favorable outcome (not to mention eliminating the need to hire trial counsel when trial becomes inevitable). Beyond trial, we have appellate experience to ensure that the system produced the correct result.

Whether Victor Rane is retained at the outset, or joins later as trial counsel, our experience will help produce the desired result.