Product Liability

If not handled correctly, a product liability claim can do irreversible damage to your company’s profitability and/or reputation.

California Product Liability Defense Lawyers Protect Your Company and Its Reputation

Knowledgeable product liability attorneys can defend your company against defective product and negligence claims

Not every customer is satisfied with a company’s products. Handling customer product complaints is a part of doing business. But a product liability lawsuit is a serious matter. If not handled correctly, a product liability claim can do irreversible damage to your company’s reputation and severely impact your bottom line. If your company might become a defendant in a product liability lawsuit, seek advice from a law firm that has extensive product liability experience.

The type of product liability claim determines the defense strategy

Product liability claims fall into three general categories:

  • Negligence. This is a claim that the seller of the product knew or should have known that a person could be injured. It implies that the injury was preventable and should have been corrected or mitigated with a warning. A defense against negligence usually argues that the company could not reasonably be expected to predict this type of injury and could not have warned against it. For example, if the plaintiff used a chair instead of a ladder, the seller could not have predicted this as a normal usage.
  • Breach of Warranty. A product warranty may be express or implied. An express warranty is a written warranty notice that guarantees product performance and actions that the seller or manufacturer will take if the product does not meet those expectations. An implied warranty means that the product will perform as expected and/or comply with government regulations. State laws specify parameters for refunds if defects are found. Typically, for a breach of warranty claim, the defendant must give notice to the seller within a certain timeframe. The defense may be able to prove that the plaintiff did not give notice, did not use the product correctly or violated the warranty in some other way.
  • Strict Liability. A strict liability claim needs to show that the product was defective and dangerous and the company sold the product without changing the design and the plaintiff suffered an injury. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers can all be defendants in a strict liability claim. This means that the seller may be sued even if the manufacturer was at fault. Defense strategies include asserting that the plaintiff misused the product (e.g., cleaning product) or was aware of the risks (e.g., chainsaw injury).

Product liability cases are among the most difficult to defend against. Courts and juries are often sympathetic to plaintiffs claiming injury. Product liability attorneys often work to settle these claims out of court. An experienced product liability attorney can help you protect your company’s interests.

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