Insurance Defense

When an individual or business files a claim for benefits, an insurance defense attorney may become involved on behalf of the insurance company and the person filing a claim or only on behalf of the insurer.

California Insurance Defense Lawyers Help Insurance Providers and Their Clients

Insurance defense attorneys protect the interests of insurance companies and self-insured businesses

Insurance companies and self-insured businesses hire attorneys who specialize in insurance defense to help them enforce or defend their interests. When an individual or business files a claim for benefits (according to the insurance policy), an insurance defense attorney may become involved on behalf of the insurance company and the person filing a claim or only on behalf of the insurer.

Of course, this depends on the type of insurance and the type of claim. For example, when an insured person is involved in an automobile accident, the insurance company may be obligated by the policy to hire an attorney to represent the driver in any lawsuit filed by another driver. In this case, the insurance defense attorney is actually paid by the insurance company and works in the interest of the insured, but also has a duty to work in the interest of the insurance company.

Insurance types

Most insurance companies and large businesses keep an insurance defense attorney on retainer or have an insurance defense attorney as part of their in-house legal team. Insurance defense lawyers get involved with these insurance types:

  • Automobile & vehicle insurance. Whether it’s an individual’s policy that covers a car or boat, or a business policy that covers a fleet of trucks or ships, insurance defense attorneys may get involved on claims for damages, medical expenses or other losses that are covered by the policy.
  • Homeowners/renters and other property insurance. Property owners may make claims if they have damages from natural disasters, burglary or theft or other covered damages.
  • Business insurance. Companies need to be insured in case someone is injured by a product or there is a dispute with a vendor or other situations that can happen when running a business.
  • Health insurance. Providers of health insurance make decisions about coverage and payment for medical, dental, vision, prescription plans and other related healthcare benefits.
  • Life and disability insurance. Claims may be made by a policy holder or beneficiary if a policy holder is seriously injured, cannot work or dies.
  • Healthcare and other professional malpractice insurance. Claims can be made against a doctor, lawyer, hospital or other professional for improper actions (or inaction) that a reasonable person would expect the professional to perform.
  • Other. Title insurance, identity theft protection and more.

In addition to paying claims on these insurance policies, insurance companies are sometimes victims of insurance fraud or need to defend against “bad faith” claims. This is why insurance companies and self-insured business need to hire or retain an experienced insurance defense attorney as an important addition to their legal team.

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